Elling became a worldwide famous brand for supplying high quality motor boats. Globally and developing its position into a very niche market. Whether you consider Elling as an explorer, a high-performance trawler, a luxury motor yacht or a blue water cruiser. The Elling vessel is a versatile motor yacht with unlimited possibilities.

No matter if your dream is to circumnavigate the world, to do island hoping around the Med or Aegean seas or just fulfill your dreams to cruise the inland waterways of Europe and beyond. Elling can provide the right motor yacht for you.

The passion and workmanship of our diligently selected and highly skilled staff, has delighted our customers for well over 20 years.

Moreover, Elling leads the field with many firsts. Such as the trans-Atlantic trip in 2008 with three brand new Elling E4’s. Also the successful 360 degree capsize test in 2014 has astonished the competition along with many invited guests together with many marine industry leaders and press.

Making the circle round, The launch of the best in class Elling E6 has been a roaring success and continues to impress all who have experienced her outstanding ride and performances characteristics

In conclusion, As a passionate adventurer myself, I like to welcome you to our web site. I hope that your visit will result in a new chapter in your life.